Uncanny Valley (Kirschner/Panos, 2013)

10 mins, Format: HD / 16:9

Uncanny Valley connects the investigation into acting and modes of performance started with Living Truthfully Under Imaginary Circumstances with a longstanding interest in digital compositing and animation techniques. The piece weaves together footage of actors performing in a motion capture shoot with imagery created by crowd generating software.

Moving between the intimate process of capturing minute facial expressions to create ‘realistic’ animated characters, and the construction of epic scenes featuring thousands of chaotic figures, the work examines the contemporary representation of these two extremes of experience. Distinctions between long shot and close up, particularity and anonymity, empathy and violence collapse and interpenetrate in the digital continuum, hinting at new configurations in the real.

Supported by The Elephant Trust. Permission to film motion capture courtesy of AudioMotion.